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The Just Curious Life


Have you ever been curious about anything. Ever see something randomly that piqued your interest? Well The Just Curious Life podcast is your show.

“The people’s personality” Poet Taylor approaches life with an insatiable curiosity. Join her as she covers an array of topics from entertainment to social justice, music, food, fashion,family and everything in between. Become apart of her “Bacon Bits,” take part in her hilarious conversations most of all Love, Laugh, and Learn.

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The Just Curious Life

FREE TRIP to Massanutten hosted by Domesticology!

The offer is for you to enjoy a FREE 3 day, 2 night stay at the resort, and a $100 gift card for attending a 90 minute timeshare tour. There is no purchase necessary! Who...

Mariah Carey’s cameo cut from ‘The House’

Mariah Carey’s cameo was cut from Will Ferrell’s new movie The House because of her rude behavior on the set. Co-star Rob Huebel said the 47-year-old singer showed up four hours late, required her...

The Alpha Female tonight on Domesticology

Tune in tonight as we go back and review the Alpha Female Clinical Study... What is an alpha female?  What are the traits of the alpha personality?  Jeff Brown is back!!!  Author of the 8...

The Fund for Alexandria’s Child

https://www.facebook.com/Domesticology/videos/1291493190969138/ This Friday evening, your regular scheduled shows Domesticology & Kisses and Cocktails will be aired live starting around 7 pm-10 pm.  We will be interviewing Social Workers, Foster Parents, and Businesses that have donated...

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