Join The Crypt and Company to Make Your Lifes Soundtrack a Metal One!!!

OK METALHEADS, As I type this, we are less than 2 and half hours away from TAKING OVER RADIO AS YOU KNOW IT!!! If you are reading this, and it’s after 5am….WTF are ya doing gang? Get on over to and you can now listen to the best heavy metal and hard-rock music on this cool ass little marble!!! You are not going to want to miss it as GONZO returns with his show, The Inexhaustible Quest for the Cosmic Cabbage to spin you some good-time having, get out of bed moving, blood-flow KICKING Hard Rock and Heavy Metal that will promises to be a great time…his jams will fill the airwaves from 5am til 9am and then starts commercial free….The BEST METAL BEING MADE TODAY right on up until noon showdown time……and then…from noon til 4, We have got OLD SKOOL Metal coming out of our asses to share with you all…and that is some hard to find OLD ass shit that I had to pull from VINYL BABY! The Roots of METAL will take you into the deep afternoon….then from 4 til 8pm, you will be treated to an assortment of actual hard rock…not that crap the other radio stations call hard rock either…but the real stuff….which will take us to 8pm….from 8 till midnight is an assortment across the board but paying special attention to the return of Thrash and Crossover metal….and after midnight…..GET YOUR DEATH ON UNTIL 5am…..when GONZO’s COCK…errr…I mean Rooster will get you going all over again…..!!!! So, please join us…we are building content as we speak and the shows may rerun a few times early on but if you hadn’t heard it yet…it’s new to you….so check them all out…and mark it on your calendars gang…this Sunday, Bongwould is preparing a special HARDCORE Matinee that is sure to tear the paint off of the fucking walls…..SO…THE WAIT IS OVER METALEADS…..IT’S TIME TO JOIN THE MOVEMENT……The METAL MOVEMENT…With us…. Metal-O-Mania!!!!


The Crypt


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