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Alright METALHEADS!!! I am just going to go ahead and assume I don’t have to tell anyone about new albums by Overkill, Metal Church, Testament, Anthrax, Sepultura, Obituary, Mastodon and the likes because….let’s be honest…you are metalheads and don’t need to be told the obvious, right? Right! So, I have made a small list of albums that are recent releases that you may or may not yet know…THAT YOU MUST FUCKING OWN! These are truly just a few among many fantastic metal albums that are sitting there in iTunes or on Amazon just begging for a metalhead pal to pick them up and give them the listen and love that they so richly deserve! So…put on a seatbelt….strap on a neckbrace…open up the iTunes store and get to downloading the following in what is a first ever of what will be many…

LIST OF THE CRYPT’S PICKS! If you love your metal harder than a sci-fi kid at a cheerleading competition….GO CHECK THESE ALBUMS OUT TODAY!!!! Join us this Wednesday and we will continue this conversation with the fellas in ANGERHEAD!!!!!

Aittala – American Nightmare When Prog met power once way back in 1992 in Apex, North Carolina, Aittala was born and with a unique look at the darker side within us all have spent the last decade producing punishingly beautiful art. Location and personnel changes stalled the early stages of Aittala’s ascension but those days seem to have fueled the power in the music that has culminated in the release of American Nightmare which is a must-own album for any metal-head! A potent ride though the eyes of the brainwashed, the forgotten and betrayed, Aittala takes aim at our deteriorating society and blisters it! American Nightmare has been featured on Metal-O-Mania with an interview with Eric Aittala on the show in the arcives on episode #20, 2-1-17…so wrap an American Flag around your head and catch this Nightmare with your eyes and ears open!

Angerhead – Fueled by Rage – San Jose has put California back on the map in the Thrash Metal universe and Angerhead is Fueled by Rage to lead the way! After the release of two EP’s, this debut full length release is everything you love about Thrash Metal and then some. Aggression…CHECK! Blistering Riffs….CHECK! Angry calls to fight back against a system stacked against us…HOLY FUCKING RIGHT CHECK! Angerhead comes at your from the opening So Cold and throttles you with swift and concisely delivered jams that assassinate your senses for 45 minutes before closing with the new anthem for the nation…Pissed Off! Angerhead will show you no mercy and leave you spent, only to start it over to take that ride again! Metal-O-Mania has played Legacy of Hate, Take Me As I Am and will feature Destroy the Trend this week, May 3rd, from 8-10pm while interviewing the fellas about this album and ALL THINGS METAL so be there!

Angry Again – Divide & Conquer – Switzerland is making its mark on the Thrash Metal world these days because the entire world is Angry Again and these guys have tapped into that anger with a guitar cord and amped it up to 100. Divide and Conquer features Thrash riffs held together by groove-tinged rhythms that rifle at you in wave after ear-yummy wave allowing for no retreat or sitting still. Angry is a fresh take on Thrash that demands a listen…and repeat! Metal-O-Mania have played the title track with more to come soon!

Darchitect – Mechanical Healing – São Paulo, Brazil’s Darchitect has just hit the scene like an atom bomb with their debut release, Mechanical Healing! With songs that range their attack between the evils within and the hells without, Darchitect blends thrash riffs with death growls and unleashes the fury for 40 straight minutes with the implicit design of liquefying your very skull. Catch Metal-O-Mania this week to catch their song Holy Cross and you can thank us later!

Eyes of the Living – War on Dead – This fucking album is so solid and precise that calling it a debut almost feels funny to type here but it is exactly that…and it shreds! Philadelphia based Eyes of the Living are picking up the Thrash torch and giving it a Chemical Bath as they wage War on Dead and an assault on your speakers! Infected and Chemical Bath have both made appearances on playlists of Metal-O-Mania episodes and you can catch their interview in the archives of www.radiovps.com under on-demand, episode #29, 4-12-17 so don’t just sit there…pick up a weapon…and wage….War on Dead!

Final Drive – Dig Deeper – Like your Thrash with a special blend of Southern Groove tossed in for good measure? Well, don’t bother with that seat-belt because Final Drive is going to toss your ass from the vehicle with or without it! This album just flat out kicks ass with no apologies and no regrets. The fifth full-length release from these Missouri Metal Mavens is just an awe-inspiring piece of work. This is How and Built to Break have been played on Metal-O-Mania with thier interview to be found in the on-demand archives on episode #21, 2-15-17….Whether sweating it up at the GYM or you’ve run out of Viagra, DIG DEEPER is what you need to give you that extra push!

Grapeshot – All About to End – Grapeshot call Madrid, Spain their birthplace and my CD player their home away from home these days as All About to End is such a fun ride that you hope it never ends. Every song on All About to End has its own unique feel to it and every time it gets you looking to the left…BAM, it pops you with a skull-splitting right! Formed in 2009, Grapeshot’s sophomore release is metal done the right way…Naked Emperor and Parasites have both been played on Metal-O-Mania shows and their interview can be found in the on-demand archives on episode #23, 3-1-17..Check ’em out because All About to End is just the beginning for these guys!

Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry – Well, it’s a good thing that bands like Power Trip, Soziedad Alkoholika and Liver Killer are out there carrying the Crossover Thrash torch or one might begin to think that Tony Foresta and Landhip Hall from both Iron Reagan and Municipal Waste were doing it all by themselves with the release of Iron Reagan’s Crossover Ministry and the much anticipated pending release Slime and Punishment from Municipal on June 23rd, 2017. There was even talk at one point of Foresta providing the vocals for another album on this list, Lich King’s The Omniclasm before Tom Martin was brought in for the project.  Crossover Ministry is both fun at times and chillingly precise at others in picking apart society in one jet-blasting punk-tinged thrash anthem after another. With 18 songs crammed into 29 minutes of play, prepare for whiplash because this offering flat-out kills it. Metal-O-Mania has its gears in motion trying to track these fellas down but with no-luck so far…in fact, just for fun..go to their Facebook page and call the number that they have listed as their contact number…Who says Metal dudes don’t have a sense of humor?

Kings Will Fall – Thrash Force One – Who knew that to find the heart and soul of 1980’s San Francisco Thrash metal, you have to travel to the Alps of Italy? If you didn’t before, you do now as Thrash Force One is the best straight-forward Thrash Metal album to hit the shelves in the last year, outperforming the legends along the way. There isn’t a single song on this album that doesn’t leave smoke coming out of your ears, including a blistering tribute to Lemmy in their cover of We are Motörhead! Metal-O-Mania has played Endless Pain, Shots for Glory and Gängster 1948 and will eventually play the whole damn thing, and interviewed the band on episode #24, 3-8-17, found in the archives on-demand! Why abide weakness two when you can THRASH FORCE ONE?!?

Lich King – The  Omniclasm – Lich King are providing the current Metal Revival with a part of its tradition that was all but forgotten until recently, and that is that this music is supposed to be, at least part of the time…FUN! Lich are perhaps the best current example of what is being referred to as The New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal as they bleed an 80’s thrash feel out of the edges while melting your skull with a modern metal meat-hook stuck directly in your torso upon first listen. In between taking on traditional Thrash metal targets such as war and unified revolt, Lich King aren’t afraid to go tongue-in-cheek after Old School Metal bands phoning it in, the fact that Crossover Metal songs are too short, people who are dicks…and even preschoolers…fun and fresh, The Omniclasm is a trip you don’t want to miss! Our Time to Riot will be played this week on Metal-O-Mania so be there!

Neshorn – Even in Dark Days – There are so many badass debut albums coming out these days, that one can’t help but sport wood over the face of metal today, although perhaps not the face found on the cover of Neshorn’s debut album, Even in Dark Days! Coming from Poland, these thrash masters blend a touch of groove into their riffs to ambrosial results…and the Metal Gods are pleased! At a running time unheard of these days this is a solid hour you are going to have to strap in for. So take this Dark Days drive and I promise that you won’t ever want to stop. Neurotic has been played on Metal-O-Mania and is the first of many as this album is an absolute masterpiece!

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic – Speaking of Crossover, Power Trip are here straight out of Dallas, Texas to pump new-life into the genre and this is an easy candidate for album of the year so far. Nightmare Logic is an instant classic in that it’s everything Crossover Thrash Metal should be except for that pesky little short song stereotype. Each of Logic’s 8 songs runs a robust for the genre, three-plus minutes at breakneck velocity offset by a well-timed crunch-punch that grabs the gut and whips the head into the best Nightmare you have ever had! Waiting Around to Die and Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) have been featured on Metal-O-Mania with an interview with them on episode #22, 2-22-17 found in the archives under the on-demand tab at www.radiovps.com so Logic says you should catch it now….and always embrace the Nightmare!

Psykosis – Welcome to the Psyko Ward – Welcome to the Psyko Ward is the long-awaited debut full-length release that the metal world has been waiting for. Psykosis manage to be fresh and brand-new while keeping one foot in the roots of the thrash genre and the results are astounding. Grant Walsh may have the most unique voice in thrash metal today and draws you into every song with his gutsy delivery. The Crypt & Bongwould have played Ride to Fall and Driller Killer on the show before and the feedback has been stellar. These fellas are from Dublin, Ireland and are in talks right now to appear on an upcoming episode of Metal-O-Mania so stay tuned…but until then…Welcome to the Psyko Ward bitches!

Replacire – Do Not Deviate – Is Technical Death Metal your forte? If your answer is no, give these boys from Boston a listen before you close your mind, and if your answer is yes, then the album of 2017 so far has been bestowed upon you by Replacire’s sophomore release, Do Not Deviate! In a brutal display of technical efficiency and raw power, this album delivers from start to finish. Throw this one on with some headphones and tell everyone around you to get the fuck out of your way! Metal-O-Mania has played Moonbred Chains, Built Upon the Grave of He Who Bends and Any Promise with an interview to be found in the archives under on-demand at www.radiovps.com on episode #27, 3-29-17…so Do Not Deviate gang…head there now to check it out!

Redeye Revival – Raise Hell, No Regrets – While we are all still waiting for the debut full length album to come from these Thrashers from the U.K., we have instead been graced with an EP called Raise Hell, No Regrets and while I want to raise hell that it isn’t longer, I have no regrets from this purchase because this is 17 minutes of THRASH GOLD! With a humor-twisted bent on their lyrics and a take no prisoners style of play, Redeye are a good time wrapped in an upper-cut that leaves you laid out and smiling between starting it over again and again. Metal-O-Mania has played Elation from this gift and will play more soon….with No Regrets….

Serpentine Dominion – Serpentine Dominion – Melodic Death Metal is rarely so fantastically precise while maintaining its utter brutality as is found on the mind-blowing debut from Serpentine Dominion. Perhaps that’s the result of this debut coming from a virtual super-group of extreme metalheads in Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage, Shannon Lucas from The Black Dahlia Murder and George “Corpesgrinder” Fisher from Cannibal Corpse and it shows. Power meets aggression meets death growls and forces its way out of your speakers and into your skulls like a friendly chainsaw there to comfort you with thoughts of destroying all of your enemies! Shannon Lucas’s drum chops are on full-display in this one too folks, which is the cherry on top of this rage filled powder keg. Metal-O-Mania has featured Sovereign Hate on the show with more to come soon so stay tuned and maintain your Serpentine Dominion!

Solitary – The Diseased Heart of Society – Veterans of Thrash from the U.K., Solitary are back with a brand new album that is sure to melt the plastic off of your lithium prescription as Solitary sets its eyes on the shame and regret that hide in the underbelly of mankind and exposes it in the light of darkness. The Diseased Heart of Society is a no-holds-barred take on the flawed human condition and combats that truth with bellicosity in the form of sonic defiance. The subject is dark, but the jams are soaring and on-point. This is an album you won’t want to miss out on replaying a few thousand times. Metal-O-Mania has played Unidentified and the title track while also having Rich Sherrington on for an interview for episode #26, 3-22-17 and you can find it there in the archives under the on-demand tab at www.radiovps.com so take your Diseased Heart on over for a spin…

Stonem – Reset – Hailing from Bavaria, Germany, Stonem’s sophomore installment, Reset is top shelf Thrash Metal meets Metalcore at it’s finest. I have been describing this album as brutally fun because it picks you up and throws you around with riffs more tasty than a macaroon from Madame Munchie’s. Stonem reminds us all that cool ass cats make cool ass records. Both What Up?! and R.I.P. have been featured on Metal-O-Mania as well as a kick-ass interview with these fellas on episode #26. 3-22-17. You need to get yourselves Reset today!

There you have it folks, The Crypt’s picks for albums that it should be criminal not to own!  We are interested in what you think out there gang, so please tell us about new albums that you suggest and why right here on this thread or in our Facebook group.  And, as always, HAVE A VERY METAL DAY!!!

The Crypt


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