It’s about time to give some love to you bad-ass heavy metal artists out there!  We have repeatedly said on the show that one of the many reasons that Heavy Metal Music is in a class by itself is not just the music, which is the best shit on earth…but also the fact that built right into our little thing here is the absolutely bad-ass artistry that comes along with it.  I mean, Heavy Metal Magazine existed for decades based on the strength of the art alone, and you just don’t find that in other genres of music.  Well, we want to celebrate not just the artists holding the axe, but also those wielding the brush…pencil…pen….or whatever their medium may be as they create the visual end of our crisp-ass metal world.

Many of our favorite bands have official mascots that help to drive name and band recognition and over the years have become almost as iconic as the bands themselves..  Will anyone ever see the Snaggletooth logo and not immediately recognize it as Motörhead’s classic design?  Or Vic Rattlehead to Megadeth, Chaly to Overkill, the Jack-O-Lantern design of Helloween or the literally legendary status Eddie now has as the indistinguishable face of Iron Maiden?  It builds on the product and creates a perfect fusion of art for the eyes and the ears and is so very Metal as Fuck!

Well, to that end, we here at Metal-O-Mania think it’s about time we threw our hat into the ring to recruit some of you kick-ass artists out there who specialize in HEAVY METAL ART!  It’s time to logo up The Crypt gang and we are reaching out to you to get it done!  That’s why we are officially holding a DRAW THE CRYPT contest!  We want to create a little logo dude of The Crypt to use on our future ads and on the website itself and nothing would thrill us more than for one of our faithful listeners to get the credit for designing him.  We are kind of picturing a cartoonish mash-up of The Crypt, The Crypt-Keeper and a Zombie or something but we leave all creative license up to the artists themselves and know you will do fantastic things.

The WINNER will receive $250 CASH MONEY, will be interviewed LIVE on our July 12th broadcast as well as a cool-ass Metal-O-Mania t-shirt, a Best-Of Metal-O-Mania flash-drive and our eternal love and praise!!!!   So, LET’S SEE WHAT YOU GOT METALHEADS!!!!!  Please send all submissions to, ATTN: DRAW THE CRYPT!  All entries must be received by noon on July, 1st to be considered and we are very excited to see what you cats can come up with.

By submitting your entry, Metal-O-Mania reserves the right to show all art on the air, but we will gladly give full credit to all artists.  Thanks in advance for your blood, sweat and tears gang!

Thanks again for supporting the show out there METALHEADS!  We love you all and as always, we wish you a VERY METAL DAY!!!

The Crypt


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