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Check it out! This was my favorite interview we’ve done so far. Somehow we were able to overcome challenges such as technical difficulties and trying to not talk over each other while we’re all in different locations. I kept it almost verbatim because we sound like a bunch of burnouts from an unannounced sequel to the River’s Edge. Be amazed as the convo gets seriously derailed after the musical break. I liked it so much I transcribed it so now you have a ‘lyric sheet’ to go with this epic interview! I threw in some LOL’s so they look more like our actual group texts. Treat yourself to something that will fuck you up, and enjoy!!! Starts around 20:30
[technical difficulties]

CRYPT: What’s up you guys, how are you tonight?

Everyone: All right!
Zak: Pretty damn good!

CRYPT: Kick ass, man. I am so very glad to have you guys joining us tonight, I’m very excited to have you guys. The fuckin’ debut self-titled album is phenomenal. Tell me about that.

James: Hey thanks! I’m glad we can say fuck! HA ha

CRYPT: Yeah, you can say anything you want.

Zak: Hell yeah!
Sarabeth: Wow we’re really gonna talk over each other aren’t we?
Zak: All good, one of you guys can go ahead…

CRYPT: Hey, it’s a metal show, let’s be chaotic!

Zak: Alright, we can definitely get there dude.
Philippe: Yeah, the first album was a blast to write and record actually.
Zak: I would uh, agree with that.
Everyone lol
James: I blew up an amp playin’. It was cool.
Zak: Yeah, it’s been out for a little bit, we’re gonna tour behind it and take it on the road.

CRYPT: Right on! Are you guys playing out on the road right now?

Zak: Not right now but we have some shows lined up, comin’ up. We’re writing some stuff.
Sarabeth: We have a tour this summer. Well I guess not the summer, the end of the summer.
Zak: Technically it’s still the summer, the end of the summer.

CRYPT: In the dog days of the heat, right?

Zak: Indian summer or whatever they call it.

CRYPT: [technical issues resolved] So let’s start from scratch. Tell me about forming TOWER. You guys have a really fresh feel to me, I really love the album. Let’s talk a little about you forming what would become Tower. How did you come together and make this record?

Sarabeth: Well it was really me and Zak. We got together, we were in this band called Dog Food lol
Zak: That always elicits a little snicker
Sarabeth: We were in this band called Dog Food and it didn’t work out too well, and I pretty much quit and Zak followed me. And I’ve been in a band with James before, I guess 2 bands. Right James?
James: It could be more, I dunno!
Sarabeth: I guess so. We played in 2 bands together. And I knew James was free and I asked if he wanted to join. And he was kinda skeptical about it…
Philippe: Heh
Sarabeth: Then we brought him in and he brought along Philippe, and that’s pretty much how it formed, right?
James: Yeah. Don’t ask about the drummer.
Zak: Definitely not!

CRYPT: I talk to a lot of bands and nobody ever asks about the drummer brother, I’m sorry

James: That’s cool!

CRYPT: No, no, I’m kidding!

Zak: Yeah, it would be like “Which one?” It would take too long to talk about all of ‘em. There’s so many!

CRYPT: It’s funny you should mention that cause I was doing my homework and putting together the art that we’re gonna run when we play your song here in a minute, and I did notice “Well that seemed to be a different guy, and that seemed to be a different guy…” So you did have some drummer up-and-downs, huh?

Everyone: YEAH
Zak: Our third drummer was then our fifth drummer. So it’s kinda like that. There’s a little leap frogging and shit going on.

CRYPT: Were you the drums on the record?

Zak: There’s two different drummers on the record. One guy was the very first drummer. We went in and recorded right away, as soon as like, I would say a month within being together. And that actually made it to the record, that song.
Sarabeth: Which one, “Hold On To Me”?
Zak: “Hold On To Me” yeah! Dare we say the name?? Naw, I’m kidding, we love that song.
Everyone LOLLLLL
Sarabeth: I personally don’t really enjoy that song anymore. It’s like…
Philippe: It’s crazy, I hear that song playing in my head all the time! It’s nuts!
Sarabeth: It’s super catchy, but just like, not us.
Zak: I mean it’s kinda like the history, ya know. Part of the history and shit.
James: It’s the song where we sell out on the first album so nobody can complain later.
Phil & SB: HAHA
Zak: Get it out of the way, exactly!

CRYPT: Now you got me nervous, that’s the song I’m playing tonight!

Philippe: Haha!
James: Woo!
Sarabeth: Ohhh shit!
Philippe: Wait, which one are you playing?!
Sarabeth: Are we gonna have to listen to it? Hahaha!

CRYPT: Well, let me tell ya actually what happened here with what we’re gonna play. I’m hoping you’re cool with us playing “Raceway Rock” tonight, is that cool?

Everyone: Yeah!!!!
Zak: Fuck yeah we are, dude! Hell yeah!

CRYPT: Okay, because I gotta tell ya, I was telling the listeners actually before we got on the phone. That song actually has a personal…I have a personal love for that song. When I was young, I used to go to the racetrack all the time with my father. Long story short because my listeners already had to hear the story, but I ended up with a cassette with that song on it. And man, I wore that song out! And when I heard that you guys redid that song… I’ve been in my glory. It’s badass!

Everyone: Wow!
Sarabeth: Fuck yeah! It’s surprising that you even know the song. That’s awesome.
James: Yeah I’m surprised too, man.

CRYPT: When we picked up TOWER, when we got our copy of the brand new Tower record, I saw “Raceway Rock” on there and my first thought was “That cannot be the same song I’m thinking!” And then I went and looked and was like “Fuck yeah! The Kicks! Bad ass!!”

Everyone: Yeah!!
Zak: Hell yeah, dude! You’re like one of the only ones, man! Maybe the only one!
James: I didn’t even know about the (song)
Sarabeth: You’re like, the only one!

CRYPT: That begs the next question, if I may. Who are your influences? As you guys blend, the feel on this record, it’s very fresh, it’s very metal, I feel like it’s a fun record to be honest with you. And that’s awesome, I love that you’re bringing the fun back to it. But who are your influences? Who made you metal? Who made you dig this kind of style?

Sarabeth: Well, Marge Raymond who sang on that Kicks record, she’s phenomenal. And she’s actually a friend of mine and that’s how I found out about that song. She’s like a true, real, Brooklyn…New Yorker. We really bonded over metal and music and I’m so stoked that you know about that song! I don’t know, one of my influences is I guess Ronnie James Dio, right?
Zak: Yep!
????: Aaaahhhh!
Sarabeth: For all of us!

CRYPT: A metal god.

Zak: Early Def Leppard!

CRYPT: Hey, I still love some early Def Leppard man, hell yeah!

Sarabeth: Hell yeah!

CRYPT: Not what they’ve become, but what they used to be was pretty badass.

James: Oh, yeah. Pete Willis dude!

CRYPT: High N’ Dry, man.

James: Yeah, we love Pete Willis, man.
Sarabeth: We love the little guy!
Zak: He’s like, three feet tall. Pretty rad.

CRYPT: The Midget King is what we used to call him.

Sarabeth: I love this dude!

CRYPT: You guys got some dates coming up towards the end of the summer. Is that just here on the east coast? Are you traveling out on the road a little bit? Whatcha gonna do?

James: Goin’ out west.
Sarabeth: Yeah, we’re going out west.
James: Gettin’ wild.
Zak: Wild west! We’re playing a festival first, with like, Roky Erickson, and a bunch of other crazy…
James: Raekwon
Zak: Raekwon, yeah!
James: Mungo Jerry
Zak: Mungo Jerry, all these punk bands like Pissed Jeans,
Sarabeth: Midnight
Zak: Fuckin’ Midnight! That’s rad. And after that we’re hitting the road.

CRYPT: You got room in your suitcase for the Crypt?

Zak: Just might! In a new van, with a case…
Sarabeth: Come through! Do you like mushrooms?

CRYPT: Hell yeah! Absolutely! That’s what I wanna go west with you for!

Sarabeth: Fuck yeah! Let’s do some!
Zak: Macrodose, dude!

CRYPT: It’s funny you should ask that because every week on our show we like to do a little bit of a theme. Like last week we talked about shitty neighbors while we jammed out. But tonight our theme is drugs. Talk to me.


CRYPT: And then you ask me about mushrooms so we’re right on target!

Sarabeth: Oh, my God. Of course that’s your theme tonight!
Philippe: Our first magazine interview was with High Times. That’s some drugs right there. The first time we appeared in print.
Sarabeth: Last year we did a radio interview all on drugs! LOL at this festival
Philippe: Oh, the same festival!
Sarabeth: We were all on drugs. Except Philippe.
Philippe: Yeah
James: He was on nicotine though.

CRYPT: Nicotine’s one of my favorite drugs.

Philippe: Hells yeah… [???] coffee! Caffeine and nicotine, man. Haha!

CRYPT: That’s funny you should say. We’re telling our listeners tonight, ya know, there’s good drugs, there’s bad drugs, but no matter at the end of the day it’s all how you handle it. You can do it all if you can get away with it.

Sarabeth: That’s right.
Philippe: Yep! Yeah, exactly. I can’t get away with it, I can’t handle it, so I had to cut back.

CRYPT: Hey, at least you know that about yourself. I can’t handle it either.

Philippe: It’s true!
Zak: He doesn’t need it, he’s a crazy motherfucker as it is, man. You gotta see this guy! He could do (???) skateboarding, backflipping!

CRYPT: Very rock n’ roll! Well I’m gonna smoke a joint with four of you sometime soon.

James: Whoa, dude. I don’t know, that’s a little heavy! Haha

CRYPT: And then I’ll have coffee with Philippe, I don’t wanna leave ‘em out!

Philippe: Yeah!

CRYPT: Two of my favorite drugs, weed and coffee. But tell me a little bit more, you guys. Again I’ve gotten into a lot of your stuff, I’ve been doing my homework on you guys all week long. And what bleeds out to me and becomes very obvious if you at all look into Tower…and follow out this band out there, you guys. Trust me you’re gonna want to. Go to their Facebook page, get ‘em on social media, buy the fuckin’ record, trust me on this you guys. But one thing that will jump out at you is, this is not a group afraid to have some fun with it. Not a group afraid to rock out and fuckin’ have a good time. I gotta imagine you guys have a blast in the fuckin’ recording studio and in band practice together, am I right?

Philippe: It’s so much fun!
James: Yeah!! lol

CRYPT: It really comes through, it really does.

Sarabeth: Playing live is the best part, I think.
Philippe: Yeah, that’s when our best…
Sarabeth: Recording is fun, but…
Zak: And we really, on the record, man, we decided early on we’re not gonna do anything we can’t replicate live completely or even better than that, you know what I mean?

CRYPT: Mad respect for that.

Zak: Not a lot of overdubbing shit, it’s just straight up. And we’re really a live band.

CRYPT: When I first put the record in, I never start a record and hit play on song 1 for some reason. Something to do with my OCD. Of course I went right to “Raceway Rock” because like I told ya I got some history with that song. But then I let it play through from there, and “Party (Ready to Roll)” and “Flames” and “Mountains” I mean the whole… I really love this fuckin’ record. I think it’s fantastic.

Everyone: Thank you dude!
Zak: Thanks man, yeah!
Sarabeth: HAHAHA I think we all just said “Thank you dude!”
Philippe: You gotta come see us live, man!

CRYPT: Yeah I would love to do that, man!

Philippe: The live show is crazy, man! Like everyone’s jumping around. I don’t know man, it’s a really good time. We’re definitely just here to party like big time!

CRYPT: That’s what’s up brother, me too! Me too. We’re gonna get along real good, you guys. I’ll make a trip, I’m right here in Washington DC so you’re not that far from me, man. We can figure something out and do this.

Everybody: Nah we’re not far away!
Zak: You’re just a shot away!

CRYPT: A hop, skip and a jump. And I’m gonna tell all you guys out there listening right now man, while we’re talking, before I’m even off the phone with Tower, you better have ‘em on your Facebook page. You better be out there looking for the record. Trust me on this.

Sarabeth: Tower NYC

CRYPT: I’m glad you said that, Tower NYC

Philippe: Yeah it’s hard to find otherwise.

CRYPT: I tell you what, if you can hang with us, are you guys short on time? Do you have a few minutes?

Everyone: YEAH!

CRYPT: What I would love to do is go ahead play “Raceway Rock” real quick and come back and talk to you guys a little bit more if you’re cool with that!

Everyone: Yeah! Down! For sure!

< plays Raceway >

CRYPT: O MY GOD that is a badass version of a badass song by a badass fuckin’ band. And I hope you guys dug the art I put in there, man. Cause that, goddamn, the picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa with the girl laying down and it looks like it’s coming out between her legs fuckin’ kills me. I laughed my ass off when I saw that shit so I had to share it with you guys. I thought it was pretty damn funny, I hope you guys think it’s funny too. And like I say, we’re talking to a band that has a lot of fun, so let’s be fun with it. Do I have you guys on the line with me again?

Everyone: Woo! Yeah!

CRYPT: Awesome! Fuckin’ awesome man. I gotta tell you, that fuckin’ song gets me goin’ so much, man. You have no idea what it means to me man. You guys hit my wheelhouse with that one.

Sarabeth: Wow..
James: Glad to do it!

CRYPT: Right in my wheelhouse. And I’m a fat motherfucker.

Sarabeth: Haha, glad ta’ dew it!
Philippe: Just DO it!

CRYPT: I’m a fat motherfucker, so that’s a big ass wheelhouse we’re talking about, lemme tell ya.
James: Right on! Keep it HEAVY!

CRYPT: Oh, fuck. But let’s talk a little bit about that, man. I know that this album is the debut album, which is very impressive. I know a couple of you said you played together in a couple of bands and that sort of thing. So you put this outfit together, went through the drum controversy a little bit, this drummer, that drummer. This little drummer went to the market, this little drummer went home. And then boom, fuckin’ you blow up with this record! That’s impressive shit, I gotta tell ya.

Philippe: Yeah, the drummer with the roast beef was the that one we took for most of the record.

CRYPT: Smart fuckin’ choice. See, a man after my own heart. (LOL) Whenever my wife loses me, I usually followed somebody with roast beef home.
Philippe: I feel ya buddy, I feel ya

CRYPT: Roast beef curtains, that is! No, I mean beef curtains! No, no, excuse me!

Sarabeth: Oh God
Zak: Now we’re gettin’ there!
James: Mmmmm

CRYPT: Excuse me, that was terrible!


CRYPT: My apologies only to Sarabeth, the rest of you gotta deal with it.

Sarabeth: Have fun with that one, guys!

CRYPT: But tell our listeners, I want our listeners to be able to follow you guys, interact with you guys on social media, as you know that’s the sign of the times these days. Tell everybody how to get with you guys on all that shit.

Sarabeth: You can find us on “the Facebook,” or the Facial book lol at Or you can find us on Instagram also at towernyc. And I think that’s it for now, right? I mean we don’t have a website…

CRYPT: Any tweets?

Zak: We have a twitter, but I don’t think we use it, right? We don’t use it, really.
Sarabeth: I always forget to tweet lol
James: On purpose!

CRYPT: Twitter’s the forgotten bastard, ya know what I mean. I don’t do it either. My 21-year-old son, I slip him a couple dollars each week to do my Tweeter for me. Whatever the fuck you call it. The little blue bird.
Sarabeth: Yeah it’s really annoying. It’s very congested.

CRYPT: It is. And I’m a wordy guy, I like to talk. Holding me to 140 characters is not working for me.

TOWER: (agree)

CRYPT: I can’t say hello without it being at least a paragraph. But, so you guys are on all the shit, even the twitter even though you don’t check it very often. I sympathize with you there. But where is the best place to buy the record? Where do you get the most from? Every week we tell people to go to Amazon, go to Best Buy, that kinda shit. Where do you go to get the best bang for TOWER’s buck? Where is it best for people to go to get the record?

James: Shit, right now it IS Amazon. I think it’s the only one that you could dependably find it.
Sarabeth: iTunes
Zak: iTunes, you can get it, yeah.
James: Oh yeah, that too.
Sarabeth: Spotify.
Zak: It’s on Spotify, yeah it’s totally on Spotify,
Philippe: Yeah, but you want a hard copy, you know what I mean?

CRYPT: You definitely do!

James: Yeah, you want hard copies, man.
Philippe: It’s beautiful.
Zak: You can go to Osaka, Japan and buy it in this little store, (lol) I forgot the name of it

CRYPT: Hit the band direct and get the record! You know it’s funny you should say that too, because I’m actually on here all the time pushing that. Fuck this digital modern bullshit age. If you have the hard copy, you can put it into your computer, then you’ve got both. Have the fuckin’ hard copy.

Zak: Yep, exactly, We got records too, ya know.
Philippe: Our records come with download codes, so you can have it on your computer and you can have it on wax.

CRYPT: Right. Hold the copy. Get the smell of the new CD smell. Fuckin’ look through the lyrics and the fuckin’ band pictures and shit.

Philippe: Ha yeah the pictures are awesome on our album!

CRYPT: They are!

Zak: The fuckin’ dungeon!
James: We’ll make our next CD scratch n’ sniff, man.
(hardy har har)

CRYPT: Well I’m puttin’ out a book where it’s all beef curtain scratch n’ sniff pictures.

James: Oh God! I got a few of those, I think.
Philippe: Ridiculous, you gotta send us copies!

CRYPT: I’ll send you guys a copy, man. Speaking of which, we’ll start a few business ventures together, we’ll do the beef curtain scratch n’ sniff. Then we’re gonna start our own page called Facialbook.

Sarabeth: Facialbook is definitely a website. Not like I’ve been to it…
Philippe: Oh awesome! Thanks SB! lol

CRYPT: I can only imagine!

Philippe: Is that where you can find our album?
Zak: They’re probably psyched they just got a shout out!

CRYPT: Well I’m gonna make a facial app. No matter who it is, you can look up their picture on your phone and it’ll make ‘em look like they just got a facial.

Philippe: Lol ughhh God !

CRYPT: The boss, the mother in law, whatever floats your boat.

Philippe: Yeah but it’s gotta play Tower songs the whole time though.

CRYPT: And listen to Tower while you do it, that’s right. Um… But you guys rock, man. Tell me what’s off the top of your head. What are you guys into this week? Just tell me about life.

James: Aw shit, man! Fuckin’ me and Zak went and seen the Defenders of the Old Festival. This festival had Cirith Ungol, Bitch, Nasty Savage, Frigid Bich, October 31. All the best heavy bands. We had a great time. We saw the fuckin’ The Rods, me and Sarabeth went and saw The Rods the next day on Sunday.
Zak: It was a great week for metal and heavy rock over here.

CRYPT: Right on. Well you know, the resurgence is here, it’s a great time to be a metalhead because 2016 and 2017 have been just fantastic. The rebirthing is happening. We’re taking over the world again, man.

Philippe: It’s wonderful! It’s fun. It’s like, the more metal is played, the more we get to play out and party with everyone, man.

CRYPT: Again, I’m gonna talk to you guys a little bit more on Facebook later in the day. But I wanna talk to you guys especially, you guys are not that far away. We are really trying to sometime in the fall, put together a Metal-O-Mania concert.

Philippe: Hells yeah!
Zak: Oh cool! Fuck yeah, we’d be down for that! Where do you guys do it, like 9:30 Club or somethin’?

CRYPT: Right! We’re looking at the 9:30 Club, maybe the Fillmore in Silver Spring. There’s a new club called The Pinch, they’re local, we’re gonna talk to them and try to make that happen.

James: Yeah, I’ve been to The Pinch
Philippe: We’re always ready to shred, man! We’re always ready to shred! So let us know!

CRYPT: Awesome! Well we’re gonna take you up on that, man, we’re gonna do a Metal-O-Mania show that’ll be kick ass!

Everyone (cheers!)
Zak: We haven’t played DC yet, we gotta get in there!

CRYPT: That’s right, get your asses down here and take over the nation’s capital! We’ll storm the gates and take over their fuckin’ towers!

James: Take on the world with our hevy metulll!

CRYPT: Hevvy metulll!!!

Sarabeth: I don’t know. When I think of Tower, I don’t really think of… of course I think of metal, but I think more like rock n’ roll. And soul.
Philippe: Yeah, well, we’ve got a lot in there. A lot.

CRYPT: You know what? That’s what makes the album great, cause it’s a good mixture of both. There are metal riffs replete through that album. Undeniable metal riffs that just kill.

Zak: Oh definitely!
James: I’ll say!
Sarabeth: I mean it’s definitely metal
James: That’s kinda how it works. The guitars are the most metal thing about the band.
Philippe LOL

CRYPT: Right on! Usually…

Sarabeth: Hard rock!

CRYPT: I push it out there, my listeners out there, you guys need to go and get it. Pick up a copy – you will dig it! It’s good stuff! It’s good fun and it’s good fuckin’… hard rock metal! I put those two things together, hard rock and metal, peas in a pod. Rock and roll.

Sarabeth: Thank you. Right.
Zak: If you’re in Europe, we’re trying to come over there! If you’re in Japan, we’re trying to go there! Wherever you are, we’re trying to go there! And that’s it!
Zak: If you’re under a fuckin’ rock somewhere, watch out, we’ll be there!

CRYPT: They’ll fuckin’ be there!

Sarabeth: Watch out!
Philippe: Rock outtt!

CRYPT: Well man, you guys do fuckin’ rock out. And I so very much appreciate your time for hangin’ out with me tonight. I know we do things a little bit goofy around here, but we like to have fun as well.

James: Huhuhuhuhuh, so do we, ha-ha-ha!
Philippe: You’re talking to…yeah we’re a bunch of goofballs ourselves, so feel right at home!

CRYPT: We’re gonna get along just great! And if you don’t mind, come and visit us again every now and again, you guys.

Sarabeth: For sure!
Philippe: Sure!
Zak: Totally! Hell yeah!
James: You say the word!

CRYPT: Awesome! Well we’re gonna talk more about our show in the fall. I will have Skully reach out to you on that shortly over the next few days. We’ll talk more in the future, though. I appreciate you guys hanging out with us.

James: Hell yeah!
Sarabeth: Thanks, man!
Zak: Thank you so much! Fuckin’ awesome!
Philippe: Been a pleasure!
James: Thank YOU!

CRYPT: Thank you very, very much. Kick ass.

Sarabeth: Score some mushrooms!

CRYPT: Yeah HEY! We’ll talk more on Facebook about that also!
CRYPT: You guys fuckin’ rule!

Sarabeth: I know just the man for you!

CRYPT: You wanna come talk to me! No, Haha… but, fuckin’ TOWER! You guys rock! Thank you for hanging out with us. I’m gonna actually hand you off to Skully here, cause she’s getting ready to punch me in my face for going over on time. But Tower fuckin’ rocks, give a shout out to all our listeners before we let you go!

Sarabeth: Yeah!
James: That was for YOU!
Zak: Rock n’ roll!

CRYPT: Fuck. Yes. You guys rule man, thanks a million, we’ll talk again soon!

Sarabeth: Byeeeee thanks!
Zak: Hell yeah!
Philippe: Take Care!
Zak: Adios!
James: Amigo!



Article Written and Contributed by James Danzo (Guitarist for TOWER)


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