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Domesticology is trademarked as The Science of Living your Best Domestic Life.   Your host, Sarah Elizabeth, MSW, CSAC, is a mental health therapist, entrepreneur, single mother, advocate and life coach, who shares real talk yet real therapy to her listeners of the show.  Utilizing real client stories, her own personal stories, and mastered therapeutic interventions which bring awareness to a host of topics that could impact everyday issues behind the closed doors of your home.

Topics of the show include the good, the bad, and the ugly around issues dealing with dating, relationships, marriage, sex, divorce, finances, parenting, mental and physical health.  Tune in for live shows every Fridays from 8pm-9pm on radiovps.com.   Email interest to be a guest or to share your story to domesticology@yahoo.com.

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Bullying, the child’s perspective… and the Black Girl Magic Monologues…

Tonight on Domesticology, Sarah will shed light on Bullying and will discuss from the child's perspective, elementary and middle school bullying experiences!   we will also have a few of the ladies from the Black...

The Alpha Female tonight on Domesticology

Tune in tonight as we go back and review the Alpha Female Clinical Study... What is an alpha female?  What are the traits of the alpha personality?  Jeff Brown is back!!!  Author of the 8...

The Fund for Alexandria’s Child

https://www.facebook.com/Domesticology/videos/1291493190969138/ This Friday evening, your regular scheduled shows Domesticology & Kisses and Cocktails will be aired live starting around 7 pm-10 pm.  We will be interviewing Social Workers, Foster Parents, and Businesses that have donated...

Free Food for Kids during the summer months!

If you have a school-aged child in need of breakfast and lunch this summer, simply text “FOOD” or "COMIDA" to 877877. You will receive a message back with a location closest to where they...

14 Signs Someone is a Grown Ass Man, article by Brianna Wiest

  Tonight on Domesticology, therapist, Sarah Elizabeth will be discussing the Grown ASS Man... Ladies:  Are you ready to find the ONE???  One that will be the game-changer... one that will let you know his intentions...

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